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STAR BALM Muscle Spray is used as a supportive treatment and relief of painful muscles and joints.  STAR BALM Malta sponsors Birkirkara YN Christmas Football Festival for 3 years STAR BALM Warm Gel is used as relaxation and recovery of muscles and joints.
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  •  for care of muscles & joints


    Welcome on the site of STAR BALM®.

    . Lubricates very well
    . Has a pleasant odor
    . Doesn't leave stains
    . Doesn't contain Camphor

    STAR BALM® is being used for the external support treatment
    and relief of aching muscles and joints. This product smells good, is skin-friendly and easy to apply onshoulders, back, knee and other moving body parts.

    The ingredients of the originally Asian STAR BALM® are a
    100% herbal and have been used for centuries by people all around the world.

    The combination of these botanicals with the natural oils, that
    have been chosen with extreme care, make STAR BALM® a very powerfull product.

    The products of STAR BALM® are medical devices.
    read instructions before using.

    Available in leading pharmacies